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3 Ways to Help ASPIRE

1. Give a Gift to ASPIRE


Do you want to give a gift to someone special, and they seem to already have everything? Do you want to teach your children about sharing? Think about giving an ASPIRE TRP gift in the name of that special someone. Or, maybe the donation is simply “the right thing to do.” Here are some gifts you may want to consider:



  • $150 per month

  • $2,500 per year



  • $500 per session

  • $1,500 per year



  • $5 per bale of hay with a need of 900 bales of grass hay per year

  • $15 lifetime feed

  • $60 supplements

2. Become a Continuing Contributor


Because the horses and our programming require funding all year, please consider becoming a monthly contributor. Regular donations can be processed through your checking account or a credit card. Contact us for all the details. 


3. Leave a Legacy

You may leave a gift of cash, stocks, bonds, personal property, or real estate at bequest of your will. Such a gift is not subject to federal estate tax. To find out more about how to leave a legacy, please visit

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