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ASPIRE always welcomes and appreciates donations of supplies and materials to support our programs.
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From the retired horses to active horses and even to the horses of the Year. Read about all of our horses.


From the young to the old, we've all enjoyed their smiles. These smiles have made it worth it all!


Volunteers and Interns are the heart of ASPIRE. ASPIRE is largely dependent on volunteers and interns to operate this program each year. ASPIRE has only 4 paid staff and the rest are volunteers. Volunteers provide us with over 5,000 hours each year.

ASPIRE could not provide the programming that we do without the volunteers and interns. They are a very special part of our program. One volunteer said "To see the smile on the child’s face makes it all worthwhile." ASPIRE is seeking volunteers for classes, internships, barn assistance, office assistants and board and committee members. For more info contact us.
  • Director's Assistant
  • Side Walkers
  • Barn Assistant
  • Board Members
  • Committee Members

* Potential Marketing Interns, click above to find out more about fulfilling your requirements with ASPIRE.

Training is available for all volunteers, and volunteers may make a continual commitment or volunteer for a one time event. Volunteering with ASPIRE is fun and rewarding:

Volunteer of the Year
  • Make new friends
  • Share your skills
  • Help others in need
  • Gain experience and training
  • Learn something new
  • Build your resume
  • Fulfill an inner need
  • Kim Hurlbut - Volunteer of the Spring
    Kim Hurlbut

    Come Share in the Heart of an ASPIRE Child today!
    Contact Marilyn Moore at (319) 296-0964 oruse our convienient online form on our ContactUs page.

    If you wish to Volunteer as an Intern for ASPIRE TRP we need you to fill out the following application.

    Volunteer/Staff Information Form and Health History

    Links to VGM Forbin, PATH Int, and various riding centers and other links. Click Here